Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This summer I didn't do much other than work and work out haha but i did get to float the river one time and it took 7 hours!! it never takes that long... i also got to go kayaking with my dad on the river one time. i really really enjoy that i just didnt have enough time to do it more! i also was sooooo priviliged to go to the justin beiber concert.... haha my boss' daughter is going into 7th grade and i'm really close with their family so she wanted me to go with her haha it was crazy how many tween girls were there! iyaz was there and so was sean kingston and jessica jarel or whatever but yeah it was pretty sweet... i also got to visit trac=) that was way fun. well i hope you guys all had a great summer!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello. My name is Cyd and I am so excited to see everyone's faces! You all should be here soon... right? Thank you all for writing a little something on our wonderful blog. It was fun to read about what everyone has been up to. This summer I played out in the sun a lot :) I went to Powell a couple times and Bear Lake once. We also did some hiking and exploring and such. My Dad was able to be here for about 4 weeks so while he was here we did a lot of fun things.

At the beach at Powell with the fam

This picture to your right is how we eat our meals at Bear Lake... just kidding, just that particular meal, we have it every year.. called SHRIMP BOIL. finger food! Too bad I don't like shrimp :)

This big group of people you see in the bottom picture is who I spent my week with at Bear Lake.. my fam, some cousins, and some friends.

A bunch of us also went a concert and we did some other crazy things.
Oh! and can't forget Dave's! I did play a lot, but I still found time to workout and stay somewhat in shape..

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as I did :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey Everyone! It is so fun to read about all of your fun summer adventures. I hope you are all doing great, enjoying your summer and gearing up for a great season. Between hanging out with Coach Liz and Coach Dan at camp and recruiting I have had some time to be with my family and take some fun trips.

Here are some pictures:

These are my nieces and nephews and me at our family reunion in St. George in May. It was awesome!

I went scuba diving in Bonaire. It was so amazing. We have a beautiful world - above and below the surface.

My friend and me 80 feet down. (I am on the right- in case you couldn't recognize me in all my funny gear).

We saw lots of these.

A few of these.

A couple of these handsome fellas! And a couple of these beauties up close!

Mostly I spent alot of time looking at this.

Can't wait to have all of you back! Until then - have fun, work hard
and enjoy life! Love, Coach Nixon

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here are a few pictures of Germany I forgot to post on my last blog :)

Hey Team!
So I have been a complete slacker this summer and keep putting this blog writing thing off… Since I am considered a blog master, I figured I should probably write something before I bug everyone else to do it :)
My summer has been great so far! Back in June, my family and I traveled to Germany to pick up my brother from his mission. It was so great to see him again and he was able to be our personal tour guide and show us all around Germany. We saw some pretty cool castles, churches, and even saw a sweet soccer stadium where they played World Cup games 4 years ago. We had some good food, some bad food, and some interesting food but best of all was the chocolate!!! (I think I made myself sick by eating too much chocolate haha). After a few days in Berlin, we visited one of my brother’s friends in M√ľnich and her and her family showed us all around. They even made my parents and I dress up in Oktoberfest clothing which was really funny but also pretty embarrassing…. It was a great trip and I was sad to come back home even though I’m glad I don’t have to pay to use a toilet anymore :)
Most of you already know this but I’m working at Walmart for the summer… Yeah, go ahead and laugh… I’m a cashier and it’s definitely not my favorite job in the world but I think I might be able to survive another month... maybe…
So my summer right now includes working out with Dave, working at Walmart, and the occasional fishing trip or raft floating :) It’s pretty lame sometimes (Walmart that is) and so I’m getting really excited to go to my cabin at Bear Lake a couple times.
Well I hope everyone is having a great summer and working hard cause I know Dave is getting excited to see everyone again, if you know what I mean… :)
I can’t wait to see everyone again and to get to know all the new girls!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hellooooooooo! My summer has been sweeeet so far! I tried for the longest time to get a job for the summer so i could pay for the apartment i'm living in with my high school friends in Logan and to buy food and stuff like that...but i failed..horribly. I got denied every place i tried. Some people are so casual when saying they don't want to hire you like "Oh.. ya like we'll totally like get back to you like totally soon about your resume." One place even sent me a letter in the mail saying: "Abbie Beutler we are sorry to inform you that we do not want you to work for us." (really though it happened) So after i got shut down close to a dozen places i decided that i was meant to be unemployed. My mom blames it on the fact that when i applied to places i told them i needed a week off in two weeks to go on a cruise. She thinks that scared them away. But really after two full weeks of work anyone needs a good solid break. The cruise by the way. AWESOME. One of the last nights on our cruise we discovered a Casino thingy. Now really i had no idea what we were up to but next thing you know 6 hours have passed and we are still in that Casino. What had happen was.. these men (old and... confused) started tellin us to pick numbers for their roulette game. When they starting winning they handed us the chips. Of course we couldn't accept them.....but we did and ran for it! FYI for those of you who don't know you only have to be 18 to gamble on cruise ships so everything we were doin was totally legal :) But i have repented and been attending GA meetings (gamblers anonymous) ever since we ported. JK. but seriously repented. Just don't start playing blackjack my friends it can get crazy! There is alot more to that story but if you'd like to hear about it just ask! The rest of my summer has consisted of Jay Beautiful (haha also something ya'll can feel free to ask about) For those of you who weren't at the UVU camp that is where i met him. Also some boating, floating the river and workin on the family farm to pay my parents back for the cruise expenses ha! I hope everything is just dandy for ya'll i'm counting down the days!
PS so i googled the man that was giving us chips on the cruise...this is him.pretty sure.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh and sorry, that last post was me, Kim!! Sorry, forgot to mention that!! :)